What you can do

Create unique campaigns
Know your customers and
understand their needs and habits
Automate your busy work
Increase conversions by providing
tailored and automatically generated ads
Optimize all your efforts
Reach your visitors in a right
time and a right place

How we work

Meet Ben - he runs a store in the Internet

Competition is huge and he has to start promoting his shop and goods, though it looks like every tool he use requires a PhD to run. CPC, CPV, LTV, SSP… What’s that for? Ben just wants visitors become buyers, that’s it.

And then Meazy happened

Ben found Meazy, and in few clicks finished the set-up and now he’s ready to go! Meazy offered him a unique solution to fight his pain - from tracking the visitor to automatically generated ads to putting those ads to reach his visitor.

Timely and relevant ads.

Ben’s visitors see surprisingly relevant and yet not annoying ads of goods they’ve seen at Ben’s store. Ads fit each visitor perfectly, knowing his character, what he’d already bought and how he used to surf the whole Net. Visitors are comfortable, loyal, and return gladly.

Knowing your customers and growing sales. Easily

Ben had not put much effort and cash, still sales are growing constantly. He now sees what characters his visitors have, how they buy things and how Meazy communicates with them. Having all the numbers at hand, Ben runs his business smoothly and happy.

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