How our retargeting platform works?

You'll receive a short piece of code to place into the header of the main page on your website. Need help? You can always contact us for assistance. Connect your store

Integrating with your online store


Installation can be done via add-on if you are using Shoptet, Shoplo. Just install the add-on, go to add-on settings, and set up your password — that's it!
Meazy collects data on how the visitors interact with your website, including which products they've viewed (e.g., they read the description, checked out product reviews, or looked at product pictures), added to cart or wish list.

Gathering insights about your visitors


Within 24 hours of integration, Meazy will analyze the data about your visitors to gather actionable insights and to prepare retargeting strategies for your online store that deliver results. We'll notify you via email once these strategies are available in your dashboard.
Once Meazy has determined the most relevant strategies for your online shop, you can choose which strategy to activate first, or you can activate them all at once for the maximum impact. All of our retargeting strategies have been proven to recapture visitors and increase revenue.

Launching your strategies: choose one


Meazy automatically creates banner ads specifically for your store. You can explore different sizes, types, and formats for your future ads via the dashboard. Meazy will monitor your visitors' responses to identify and deploy the best-performing options.

Launching your strategies: banners pre-made for your store


To activate a strategy, just choose the duration – 14, 30, or 60 days. Meazy will calculate the optimal budget for your store and for each strategy, but you can make adjustments if needed. Now you're all set!

Launching your strategies: final setup


After you activate a strategy, Meazy will start displaying automatically generated banner ads to reconnect with interested users and drive sales for your store.

Bring customers back


We don't target every visitor who has been to your site, just those who are most likely to purchase your products based on how they interacted with your store.
After you've activated at least one strategy, you can view the number of visitors who saw the ads, returned to your store, added products to their cart and completed the purchase. You can also see additional orders brought by Meazy!

Monitoring performance


You'll be in a good company

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